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 Заглавие: Is Dark and Darker coming to PS5, PS4?
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With seasonal wipes in the way, you should familiarize yourself with all the Dark And Darker Gold Dark and Darker classes, so you can make the best choice for your next build. Alternatively, try some of the other best multiplayer games currently available on PC.

Is Dark and Darker coming to PlayStation? Could you see Dark and Darker on PS4 or Dark and Darker on PS5 sometime soon? Well, this first-person medieval adventure game invites you to explore dangerous dungeons, hopefully filled with treasure, and battle against any number of dangers lurking within. The Dark and Darker PC playtests are proving popular, so we’re here to talk about whether this upcoming release is console bound. If you like your swords, this might just be the best FPS game for you – not to get your hopes up too much.

Is Dark and Darker coming to PS5, PS4?
While specifically unconfirmed, Dark and Darker may release on PS4 and PS5 consoles after a statement made by developer Ironmace games claims that bringing the game to consoles is part of their plans. This will only happen after the PC version is released, and no timeline has been specified.

We know this isn’t the best news, but it’s reassuring to know that Ironmace Games has commented on a console release – and that it is in the works, sort of. For now, though, we just don’t know how long it will take. The PC version is due at the end of 2023, so you’re going to have to wait a little bit to find out more.

In Dark and Darker, you’re invited to explore a trail of dangerous dungeons and close catacombs in search of treasure. Based on any number of classic fantasy tales, this is a medieval game where glory and riches await those bold enough to explore. It’s a dungeon-crawler, so comparisons to tabletop games like Dunegons and Dragons are easy to make. However, this should suit players unfamiliar with that level of role-playing, too.

Your adventure in Dark and Darker begins in buy Dark And Darker Gold a tavern, where you can prepare your equipment and all the items you may need to survive. Once you’re inside the dungeon, you – or you and your party – must dive further into the place, opening doors, and checking rooms hoping to find a chest full of gold coins and shiny armour. There are, however, many dangers around that you must always be prepared for!

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